Shareholding Pattren

Shareholding Pattren

  • Present Authorized Capital - Rs.100 Crore
  • Present Paid up Share Capital- Rs77.84 Crore
Shareholders No. of Shares No. of Amount Percentage(%)
STATE GOVT. 39,94,770 39,94,77,000.00 51.32
SIDBI 37,69,770 37,69,77,000.00 48.43
INSTITUTIONAL 10,845 10,84,500.00 0.14
PRIVATE 8,430 8,43,000.00 0.11
TOTAL 77,83,815 77,83,81,500.00 100.00

Sources Of Funds

  • Main Source of Funds for BSFC is loan from IDBI/SIDBI under Refinance Scheme.
  • Bonds issued by BSFC and subscribed by Banks under the guarantee of State Govt.
  • State Govt Loan 228.47 Cr

The entire dues of IDBI/SIDBI have been settled and at present there is no amount is outstanding against IDBI/SIDBI. The repayment against Bond’s liabilities have also been paid to the Banks.

Historical Perspective

No. of units assisted (since incorporation): 7223
Total loans disbursed (since incorporation): Rs438.49 Crores
Total Recovery (as on 01.06.2021): Rs.870.00 Crores
Total no. of units which liquidated loans: 4780
Balance no. of units in the loan portfolio as on 01.04.2024: 2267
Composite loans ranging from Rs.500/- to Rs.50,000/-(1364 units) Rs.1.89 cr. (POS) Principal Outstanding
Loans to ex-Service Men(205 units) Rs.4.61 Cr. (POS)
Loan involved with 13 State PSUs) Rs.4.33 Crores (POS)


2016-17 4.75 -
2017-18 3.48 -
2018-19 13.40 Under OTS-2018
2019-20 27.45 Under OTS-2018
2020-21 5.81 -
2021-22 7.01 -
2022-23 (as on 30.06.22) 3.51 -

Present Financial Status

Balance Sheet till the F.Y 2019-20 has been approved by Board & A.G.M.

Deposit with bank (as on 15.01.22).

  • Fixed Deposit Rs. 9443.28 lakh.
  • Bank Balance Rs. 440.86 lakh.

Monthly Rent (receivable) Rs. 15.37 lakh.

Monthly Expenses.

  • Salary Rs. 15.00 lacs (approx.)

Other Expenses including maintanence of building & retiral benefit to employee Rs. 18.96 lacs p.m(avg.)

Some Successful Units Of BSFC

  • Hotel Mourya, Samrat, Satkar, President, Anand Lok, Mayur, Republic (all at Patna), Yuvraj, Samrat (Begusarai), Ajatshatru, Surya (Gaya), Yuvraj (Ranchi) and spread all over in the State etc.
Food Processing
  • Shakun Bread, Puja Foods, Lucky Biscuit, Amrapali Fruits and Flour Mills/Rice Mills etc.
Health Sector
  • Central Diagnostic, Hospito India, Anurag Nursing Home, Rathi Laboratories, Shiv Shankar Chemicals etc.
Cold Storages
  • At Vaishali, Motihari, Sasaram, Patna, Gaya, Biharsharif, Nawada, Darbhnaga , Samastipur, Begusarai, Chapra, Forbesganj etc.
  • Usha Martine, La-opala, Shreelethers, H.L.Printer, Mohan Cinema Hall, Bettiah Katha Factory, Bajaj Foam, Vikramsheela Ceramics etc.

Operational Activities

  • Fresh financing stopped since year 1990-91,(SIDBI stopped refinancing facilities).
  • Recovery from existing assisted units is being done mainly through sale of mortgaged/hypothecated assets U/S 29 of SFCs Act, 1951.
  • Tenders are under process for sale of mortgaged/hypothecated assets u/s 29 of SFCs Act.
  • Under OTS-2018 a sum of Rs.41.00 Crores have been received.
  • Ifedpro Division of BSFC had imparted training to the beneficiaries of CM-SC/ST Entrepreneurship Scheme. Entrepreneurs Development Programme were also conducted.

Pending Issues

  • Bifurcation of corporation (Bihar & Jharkhand).
  • Conversion of share capital from Rs. 100 crores to Rs. 500 crores.
  • Waivers of Interest on government fund provided to the corporation.
  • Restructuring of Corporation as per recommendation of Deloitte.
  • Payment of dues of mortgaged assets of sugar Industries from Sugar Corporation.
  • Payment of Principal amount from State government- Composite & SEMFEX Loans.
  • Approval of implementation of 6th Pay Revision to employees of the corporation.

Dues Of Bsfc

Name of the unit POS( lakhs) BOS( lakhs) Remarks ( lakhs)
Samastipur Central Sugar Mills, Samastipur 5.15 97.93 Free hold land-50 bighas approx.
Purnea Co-operative Sugar Factory, Purnea. 19.00 1116.23 Free hold land-115.89 Acres
Sheetalpur Sugar Works, Vaishali 7.50 319.34 Free hold land
South Bihar Sugar Mills, Bihta, Patna. 7.00 10.05 Free hold land
TOTAL 38.65 1543.55 -

Bifurcation of Bihar State Financial Corporation between State of Bihar & Jharkhand is pending.

Status Report

Bifurcation of Bihar State Financial Corporation between State of Bihar & Jharkhand is pending.

As per Audited Balance Sheet as on 31.03.2018.
  • Total liabilities comes to Rs.595.63 Crore, whereas value of the total Assets is Rs. 208.72 Crore.
  • The ratio of Bifurcation of State of Bihar & Jharkhand have been decided as 65.03:34.97

Meeting held on 14.12.2018 at Secretary level of both the States, remained inconclusive.

Statement of Distribution of Assets & Liabilities between the State of Bihar & Jharkhand

Capital 50.3
Cash & Bank 32.36 0.00 32.36
Borrowing (Other) 32.36 0.00 32.36 Other Cash & Bank 38.02 20.45 58.47
Main Borrowing 256.56 137.96 394.52 Investment 0.03 0.01 0.04
Other Liabilities 59.12 31.79 90.91 Advance 68.86 37.20 106.06
- - - - Fixed Assets 0.38 0.03 0.41
- - - - Other Assets 7.40 3.98 11.38
- - - - Loss 251.62 135.29 386.91
TOTAL 398.67 196.96 595.63 TOTAL 398.67 196.96 595.63

Conclusion :

Thus, on the basis of the above statement the net situation emerging after distribution of Assets & Liabilities is as under:

1. Bihar State should get from Jharkhand State & undertake the entire
liabilities payable by BSFC
Rs. 196.96 cr.
2. Jharkhand should get its due share of Assets (in the form of Tangible Assets) of the value of Rs. 61.67 cr.